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Published by Türkiye Basımevi, Aramak Mecmuası Yayınları, İstanbul 1939

Bilbaşar's earliest book, this collection of eight short stories  describes small-town Anatolian people and their everyday concerns, the skirmishes between small shopkeepers and their debt-ridden customers,  the difficult transformation of feudal landowners learning modern business and trade. The rapid transition of the society is recounted with a critical eye.  In the words of literary critic Tahir Alangu: "Bilbaşar set the foundations of his art in these first stories, writing about humble Anatolian people dg a period w no one wdwh their problems, moving from a realistic observation and description to a realistic criticism, in a lively, colorful and joyful style."(Cumhuriyet'ten sonra Hikaye ve Roman - Short Story and Novel After the Republican Era, 1965)

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